(RBB) Rounded Bottom Breakout Strategy/Setup Workshop

Wednesday • October 17, 2018 • 8:00pm EST

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Guarantee #1

During this workshop, I will share with you my Road To Wealth Tradier Brokerage statement showing proving that I have had a 300% plus gain in the past 8 months.

Guarantee #2

I guarantee you will leave this workshop with 100% of the information I use to trade the (RBB) Rounded Bottom Breakout in both a stock trade and a simple, directional option trade.

Guarantee #3

In this workshop, I will explain how and why the (RBB) Rounded Bottom Breakout strategy should be part or your trading tool kit just as it is mine!


►1-1/2 hour On-Line Workshop Includes


  • Training your eyes on what to look for in the (RBB) setup/strategy
  • Relief rally profits
  • Power of moving averages
  • Using the Dotted Deuce Moving Average
  • The importance of the 50-SMA and 200-SMA
  • Entry zones and exit zones
  • Volatility Stops
  • New T-Line Bands

Using different time frames

  • 60-Minute charts
  • Daily charts
  • 2-Day charts
  • 3-Day charts
  • Weekly charts

Defined targets for 10-100% profits

  • How I use stocks and options to trade this strategy
  • I will show how I have been able to post a 300% return in the past 8 months

Q&A During and After Presentation

► Workshop Material Included

  • E-Book - 101-page instructional e-book
  • My personal (RBB) scan for:
  • TC2000
  • TOS
  • TradeStation
  • MetaStock / MetaStock Add-on
  • PDF copy of presentation
  • Recorded replay - yours to download and keep

Rick Saddler

Founder Hit and Run Candlesticks

30 Years Trading, Teaching and Coaching Experience

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Rounded Bottom Breakout Workshop

This workshop might be for you if:

1 - You like charts that have constructed or have nearly constructed a bottom

2 - You like how, or want to know more about, the power of price and the 50-SMA and 200-SMA

3 - You are looking for charts with clear and visible targets

4 - You like base hits ranging from 10% to 100%

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For 30-Days you will receive my personal buy and sell tickets for both Stocks and Options trades seconds before or after I place my order.

$197.00 per month value.

This is for educational purposes only and for you to be able to see actual trades and do case studies of the trades. Not all trades will be the Rounded Bottom Breakout Pattern. These trades are not to be considered as buy or sell recommendations.

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